Frequently asked

What is Zillacracy?

Zilliqa is a community-based initiative set up to help with development and community engagements.

Where can I view my staking transactions?

Transactions can be checked by entering your staking address on

What is a delegator?

The user wishing to stake their tokens are the delegator.

What is an Operator?

Operators are the staked node providers who are the in-between who you can stake your $ZIL with for epic rewards.

How long is a reward cycle on Zilliqa?

A reward cycle on Zilliqa is 1800 blocks which translates to around 24-26 hours.

Why do I need to pay a commission?

Commission is paid to help maintain and grow the staked nodes, aswell as fund further development on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Does my $ZIL leave my wallet when I stake?

Your $ZIL never actually leaves your wallet, leaving the user in full control.

How long is the unbonding period?

The unbonding period lasts 14 days.

What does APY stand for?

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield.