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Mining Software for ethOS

Mining Software for ethOS

Project: Mining Software for ethOS
Project Type: Technical
Open To: Everyone

Zillacracy Council is looking for the perfect candidate to help create mining software for ethOS.

ethOS is a Linux Distribution adjusted specifically for mining.

In order to utilize the existing infrastructure based on ethOS we want to provide Zilliqa mining support on ethOS as well. As Zilliqa only requires a short PoW period every 1-2 hours the idea is to develop a Mining Switcher for ethOS that switches to Zilliqa mining via a Pool when the specific PoW block is to be mined (every 100 blocks), and switches back to mining the primary coin once PoW on the ZIL blockchain is finished.

Additional motivation behind this is to spread the word of Zilliqa in the ethOS community and show the Zilliqa community that even miners with low-budget equipment (e.g. only two GPUs) can participate on Zilliqa mining via Pool.

You can apply to fill this role and the Zillacracy Council will be in contact within 10 days to discuss your ideas and how you plan to implement them.