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What is Zillacracy?



Zillacracy is a community-based initiative created to run in parallel with Zilliqa Research, in the advancement of its public network and to help maintain a decentralized environment.

We established Zillacracy to cultivate a deeper level of engagement around the Zilliqa Network, and to seed its ecosystem organically by supporting and sponsoring community development. The community has always played an important role in any project, whether a traditional or blockchain-based, so developing a deeper bond and understanding with the community is always vital. 

Our core function is to nurture the talent among us, and ignite the fire within us, by empowering community members who step forward to contribute towards the exciting new projects and features the Zilliqa network will support.

Contributing members will receive rewards for their hard work and dedication to the Zilliqa project. The whole idea is to give back to the community by offering incentives for work-based goals on the network.

Bear in mind, this initiative isn’t exclusive to technical talent. Zillacracy will also support marketers, entrepreneurs, and community members willing to go that extra mile to spread adoption.


 1. a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek (aristocracy; democracy); on this model used, with the meaning “rule,” “government,” “governing body,” to form abstract nouns from stems of other origin:

From the beginning, this initiative has employed a modern method of decentralized governance, known as “holacracy”. This organizational structure distributes authority horizontally, as opposed to vertically; preventing managerial bottlenecks, while increasing transparency & efficiency.

Not all decisions go through one person, people don’t have titles, and roles can often change. We feel it’s the perfect compliment to a decentralized network like Zilliqa.

And just as the shards of Holacracy & Zilliqa collided during the development of this initiative, we saw fit for the name to be indicative of such, and we’re excited to continue the path towards decentralization from inception.

We look forward to demonstrating the power of community alongside you all, as we work together towards building out the ecosystem of an enterprise-ready blockchain!