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Zillacracy Process

The Zillacracy Process

A public network thrives on the creativity of its community. Therefore, Zillacracy applications are open to the general public. If you’d like to contribute, you’ll have the opportunity to do so! Whether you want to take on a predesignated project or join an existing team working on something, or even present your own project & team, you should apply!

Open projects can be found on the Zillacracy website.

There is a process regarding fulfilling community contributions, and the steps are described below:

  • Applying for a project
  • Granting a project
  • Working on a project
  • During a project
  • Reviewing a project
  • Completing a project

Each step in the process is explained in more detail in the following sections.

1. Applying

Anybody can apply to take part in a project. If you see an item, you would love to work on if it’s individually or as a group, you can simply apply for it via the Zillacracy website or by sending an email to [email protected]

Please provide the below details when applying for a community project:

  • Team Name
  • Project Approach
  • Project Requirements
  • Definition of Done
  • Project Dependencies and Resources
  • Timelines
  • Project Member(s)

Once you apply for a project, the Council will contact you and schedule a call regarding your application. During the call, your desired approach regarding the project is discussed and the Council will help you with questions.

In case that multiple teams or individuals apply for the same project, the Council will look for a way in which both parties can collaborate on the same project together. If they can find no synergy, the Council will grant the project to the individual/team whose approach best meets the requirements of the community project.

2. Granting

After you have applied for a community project, the Council will be in contact for the first time. Note there will be many more Council calls following as the project progresses.

The Council would like to make sure that all requirements are clear for you and/or your team and that you are comfortable starting the project.

Before being granted a community project, it is important to sign a small agreement that includes KYC. This will ensure that you will receive your reward once the community project is completed. Additionally, this also guarantees the Council when a technical project is completed that what you have created remains open-source under the GNU L3 license. More information regarding KYC specifically can be found below:

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Wallet Address
  • Copy of Passport/State Issued ID

(Note Zillacracy will never share your personal information with third-parties)

3. Starting

Congratulations you have been granted a community project and we are very thankful that you want to help grow the Zilliqa platform. Once the project has been granted to you the project list will be updated, highlighting that the project has started.

Once you’ve started your project, the Council will help you whenever they can. The Council is there to answer any questions you might have, spar with you on how to best approach the requirements, change requirements, inform you on any kind of new developments that could impact your project, etc.

4. Working

Grant awardees will need to provide regular updates on their progress with the Council.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to inform the Zilliqa community about your progress during one of the community calls. Regular updates regarding your project will also be visible on the Zillacracy website.

5. Reviewing and Completing

Once you and/or your team have successfully met the criteria set out by the Council, you can submit your project to the Council. Once submitted, the Council will review the work that you have provided. Based on the review, it can be that you have successfully completed the project or that it needs alterations to be classed as successfully completed.

If alterations are needed to complete your project, the Council is there to provide full support to help you finish and claim your rewards.

Upon completion, you and/or your team members will receive the pre-defined reward. The Council will be in contact with you to finalize the details regarding your reward. But that is not all.

At Zillacracy, we value the contributions made by the community, and we would gladly invite you to inform the community about your completed community contribution.

Definition of Done
  • The final result needs to be published and accessible by everyone
  • Depending on the project result should be made available under a specific OSI compliant license (
  • Acceptance Criteria per Community Project

Zillacracy realizes that to grow the Zilliqa ecosystem and move more towards decentralized development, it is important to have contributions from the community.

To kick-start this movement, Zillacracy will reward participants that complete a community project successfully. Not only to motivate people to work on community-based projects, but also to reward the hard work involved in successfully completing a community contribution.

Because of legislation regarding receiving financial rewards for services provided, it is imperative to fill in and sign a small agreement before you start your community project.

We will never share the data you provide with any third party.

If multiple individuals/teams have taken part in a community contribution, we will split the reward based on the dividend made before starting a project.

We can do alterations in the rewards divided during the community project in conjunction with the Council.

The Council will handle any dispute regarding the dividend of the reward or the reward.

Community Calls

Community Calls will be scheduled regularly to inform the Zilliqa community about:

  • The status of community contributions, and
  • Any kind of additional questions the community might have regarding Zilliqa.

Transparency where it can be provided is key to a successful future. The community calls can also be in partnership with existing Zilliqa Developer/Community calls.

If you want to provide questions regarding the above-mentioned topics, then please use the following channels.