Decentralized Blockchain. Decentralized Development.

What is Zillacracy?

We created Zillacracy to aid and support community development on the Zilliqa blockchain. Zillacracy exists to nurture the talents found within the Zilliqa community, to propel this Network to the next level.

Move us forward, together.

So what can community
members do?

Community is at the forefront of the Zillacracy initiative. Members can participate in a number of technical and non-technical projects, and be rewarded for their hard work.



The application process is open to all. Whether it is for technical or non-technical, the process is easy and fast.


Build on the world’s most scalable blockchain protocol! Contributors can participate in projects as a team, or execute their plans as a lone wolf.


The Council will disburse rewards to teams and project members as they complete objectives and meet their milestones.


Community Project Stages

Stage 1
Applying or submitting project
Congratulations on taking your first step to help expand the Zilliqa blockchain.
Stage 2
Granting project
Once you've applied the Zillacracy Council will be in touch to discuss granting and implementation.
Stage 3
Starting project
Now that you’re all finished with the grant process it’s finally time to start on that amazing idea.
Stage 4
During project
Need a hand? The Zillacracy Council is always available to offer support or answer questions you may have.
Stage 5
Review & complete project
Well done, after all your hard work, it’s time to submit your project for review. Once succesfully completed, it is time to claim your reward.


Building the future takes teamwork. Want to help us? View the exciting list of projects managed by the Zillacracy, and consider where you might fit in to join us!

100% Community Driven

Technical & Non-Technical Projects

Rewards in ZIL

Safeguarded by the Zillacracy Council

Open Projects

Discover the open projects you can help out with.

In Progress Projects

Catch up on the projects that are currently in progress.

Completed Projects

View the completed projects finished by the Zilliqa Community.

Open Projects


In Progress Projects


Completed Projects


Product Owner
Desmond Dekker

Creating transparency with both people and technology.

Technical Advisor
Benjamin Schwarze

Let's build the next-gen blockchain ecosystem — together!

Business Development
Mark Heus

Building real decentralized value

Andy Little

Content is fire, social media is gasoline.

Zilliqa Core - Business Advisor
Milan Shoukri

Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

Zilliqa Core - General Advisor
Amrit Kumar

Let's learn and contribute.